Fish Tales

Can you believe it?!?!  I got 2 New Yorkers in the mail on Wednesday!  I was beside myself.  Where to begin?  Which first?  How to read it all?

So I settled on chronological order.

March 7, 2011: Fish Tales by Kelefa Sanneh

These are the stories I love the most.  It’s about a real bar/art gallery, in a real place, with real people (owner, Ulli Rimku).  I live in my own corner of California.  But through articles like this, I glimpse tenement neighborhoods, artist uprisings, bar/art culture and class changes.  My little neighborhood is so benign in comparison.  It’s these glimpses into other folks’ worlds that I love and feel so broadened by.

It’s amazing to me that rest of the world.  The people, the locations, the ways of being.  I love the eye opening perspective.  I like my little world to be challenged and say, “Wait, there’s more out there.”

Not to say that I’m wanting to go see it or in any way change my own little world, but I like to KNOW.  I never want to assume that my way, my life, my habits are how all people think/live/feel.  It’s stories and writers that help me ‘visit’ what I otherwise wouldn’t know.

Thanks, Kelefa.  Great piece.


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