The Back of the Napkin

Reading, or more like, sifting through, Dan Roam’s The Back of the Napkin.  It’s too business-y for me, but I find nuggets of usefulness here and there for application in the classroom.

Doodling sounds inherently distracting, but I know when I doodle mindlessly, it actually allows me to focus my mind on what I’m hearing.  On the other hand, when I doodle purposefully, my mind is focused on the doodle.  Nothing else.

So let’s use that to some good ends.  We read about Maniac Magee’s neighborhood, then we doodle what the neighborhood might look like from a bird’s view.  Not a full blown art project, nor a quick stick figure.  Something in between… useful, quick, detailed but not elaborate.  Goals: to communicate, to understand, to clarify.

“No Longer Say, I Can’t Draw.”  This is Dan’s 2nd commandment.  I like it.  Drawing shouldn’t scare people.  It goes hand-in-hand with commandment 4: “To Start, Draw a Circle and Give it a Name.”  In other words, just jump in and get started sorting out your ideas.

So with more sifting through Dan Roam’s book, I’m planning to incorporate more doodling.


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