I’m a Louise Erdrich Fan

Currently reading Four Souls and completely enjoying it.  My only issue with Louise Erdrich’s style is the brevity of her books.  I need a longer read.  It’s beautiful, smart, mysterious and short.  I need more than 210 pages.

So I linger over each page, even reread a passage now and then in an attempt to stretch it out.

“I am the sound that the wind used to make in a thousand needles of pine.  I am the quiet at the root.  When I walk through your hallway I walk through myself.  When I touch the walls of your house I touch my own face.  You know me.”  This is Fleur talking to the man who stole her forest as she holds a knife to throat.

Unfortunately he knows more than she suspects yet doesn’t know the things she assumes he does.

“Gradually, he felt the woman’s curiosity gain the upper hand.”



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