A Trip to the Bookstore

I’ve been underwhelmed by my reading lately.  So much so that I have stuck to New Yorker articles and ed leadership blogs.  My attention span is short; I’m restless.  A good book would chase all that away but I’m too restless to dig into one… ironic.

So after much mention of Daniel Pink‘s Drive, I went to the bookstore to find it.  Speaking of motivation… this book is just what I need.  So far, so good.  I’ve often been puzzled by the carrot or stick mentality in school.  I don’t do either with my students.  It’s about mutual respect.  It’s about wanting to do well, wanting to know more, wanting to master the skill.  Not to mention, carrots and sticks are hard to maintain and demoralizing to me, the teacher.  I can’t keep up with the rewards and punishments… I’m too busy trying to get kids to learn.

Also picked up The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.  She’s the until-now-unknown woman behind the HeLa cells that some many researchers and scientists have used in their petri dishes for years.  I first heard of Ms. Lacks on RadioLab.  It was a fantastic show–a small segment of a medley.  I was enthralled with the story and hunt for the identity of this woman.  I wasn’t willing to shell out for the hardback so now I’m ready!

Finally, I grabbed Mindset by Carol Dweck.  I attended a talk on Educational Rounds at UCDavis by Dr. Richard Elmore.  He mentioned this book.  Then I read an article that quoted her.  It’s a sign!  Get the book.  She uses the phrases ‘fixed mindset’ and ‘growth mindset’… I like it.  You can never rest in the now, the accomplishment, the good.  You can enjoy the moment, but forever we should be growing, changing, evolving.  I enjoy the push forward; it motivates me.  So we’ve come full circle in my book purchases, back to Drive.  Interesting.

I think I might get reading again.


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