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The Emperor of Maladies

Finally took the plunge and purchased this book after yet another reference.  Gladwell, in David and Goliath, mentioned Mukherjee’s Pulitzer winner.

So glad I did. It’s amazing. I am reminded why I love this style of history–part story telling, part anthropology, part history/science. A page-turner even at 472 pages.


Not it something I’d recommend to just anyone.  Topic, thickness… deterrents to many.  But just fascinating. So many brilliant minds, often discovered in the most unlikely places, working in closets, pariahs in their field, unflappable in their determination and focus. Really inspiring.

And the reality that cancer treatment is poison, just taking patients to the brink of death, to allow their body to then repair itself with only healthy cells doing the healing.  And how uncomfortable to read about medicine in the  age before research consent, clear ethics guideline, etc.  Many times I’ve thought–this could never happen today!!

A third through…back to reading.

Glad to reinvigorate this blog as well.