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Half Broke Horses

Jeannette Walls is amazing.  Or maybe I’m just slow.

When a book is recommended to me, I jump right in and read it.  I try not to read the back of the book, the reviews or anything that might 1) give too much away, or 2) dissuade from reading it.

So I didn’t understand until the very end of this novel, Half Broke Horses,  that it was biographical.  So awesome!  Honestly, it was so cool to read about this amazing woman, Lily, and realize it was the author’s grandmother.  She is an amazing character that seems almost too round and dynamic to be real.

Interesting too (or maybe me being slow again)… I kept thinking I knew where the story was going and it kept taking a left turn on me.  Very unpredictable.  But real life is unpredictable.  It’s only fiction that takes the turns you expect.

And if you haven’t read The Glass Castle yet… what are you thinking?!?!?  Get to the library.  Stat.